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Free to Download the documents below to develop your garden ideas!

Client Questionnaire    -Spacial Integrity questionnaire for you to start thinking about your garden within the bigger picture. It may be beneficial to read over and stimulate other ideas.

Design Ideas   -Some general garden design themes, compare, mix and match to meet your aims for your own outdoor space.

Quick and Easy!   Garden Tool   -Easy way to outline a project and get a cost breakdown, the details can be adjusted to suit your budget.

Garden Party Invite   -To celebrate the project finale!

Community Garden Individual

Community-Engagement   -Generate interest in a community project or shared back green with this starter poster.

Environmental Policy

Maintenance options? Have a look at what we typically offer and adapt it to suit your needs. – Maintenance Management Template-

Spacial Integrity Client Feedback    -For you to complete once your project is finished…


Recommended Complimentary Services & Business Partners

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